Developing Intuition

It is the ability of developing and understanding something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning.

We are part of the same Absolute Consciousness, the Creator, the Universe or Our Soul and thinking of good and having positive interactions always will help in removing negativity making us to live in union with the Universe. As we are part of Nature and hence we should develop a habit of communicating with the Universe.

Basic Questions for Developing Intuition

Who we are?

We are part manifestation of the Supreme, the Universe being qualitatively same.


What to do?

Interacting in a positive way to the Universe.


When to do?

During our Leisure time, just before sleeping, soon after waking up in the morning, always, just after Meditation.


Where to do?



Why to do?

For Wellness in all aspects and finding a purpose of life.


How to do?

Talking to ourselves in a positive way and turning the negative statements into positive statements. Always watch and dream the beautiful picture of life in order to form good habits. Consciousness is imaginative and can move into any state.


The above practice needs patience and continuous effort to see positive results. Each and every one of us is well capable and has this quality. The way we interact with the universe determines the life we create.





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