Sharing Knowledge and Experience for leading a Natural Life.     

To spread Social Awareness about various Health Hazards, its Causes and Remedies, and to help People know about the Multiple benefits of Healthy, Wholesome, and Better Food Habits, so as to distribute Energy for different Creative and Constructive Purposes of Personal and Social Lives.

To enable People do something about maintaining Ecological Balance, and Preventing Environmental Pollutions.

To Highlight the various Benefits of using Organic Products in Everyday Life.

Developing a way of Life through which the unity of Mind, Body and Soul is achieved.

Transforming the Stereo-type Life-style to achieve an ideal path of Life-journey through Self-acquired knowledge and Self-gained experiences.

Interacting with Superior and Enlightened Minds to evolve one's quality of Thinking, Decision-making, and for enhancing the capacity for Positive Action.

As Men and Women cannot live by Bread alone, to Unravel the need for Better-Food for the Mind, and Nobler Thoughts for the Soul.

To make People become Stress-free in Mind, and relaxed in Body, and free in Spirit, by inculcating practices like Yoga and Meditation.

To Encourage People to learn how to make a Balance between Inner Engineering and Social Engineering.

Since Everybody is leading an Independent Life, it becomes the Prime Duty and Responsibility of Everyone to Share Views, to Share Community Feelings and Concerns, and to Contribute towards making Life on this Planet better and Worth-living.

The Ultimate Goal of all Life Management is to attain Upliftment of Soul through Fitness of Body and Enlightenment of Mind.

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